Author: Katrina Elliott

I Tested Adobe XD Plugins, Here are the Results!

There have been a few updates to Adobe XD since my previous post where I mentioned the UX UI program. One of the major additions is the inclusion of plugins from third parties, intended to speed the process up and make our lives easier.

I decided to create a faux app for mobile to put each of these to the test. It’s ugly and created on the fly.  With that in mind, let’s begin! Continue reading

4 Tips for Choosing Your Brands Color Scheme

Introduction   There’s a lot that goes into deciding what color scheme will work for your business. I’ve worked with enterprise level businesses that spent a lot of money developing a color palette, however, when these colors were used together in one document they looked muddy and illegible. Here are four tips to help you […]

I Still Love WordPress, Here’s Why

I’m a huge fan of free learning on the internet, however, over the past few years my favorite Youtube channels have begun advertising sites like Wix and Squarespace. I have put them all to the test, and still find myself coming back to WordPress for my own business needs.

Does Your Wireframing Medium Matter?

When I am freelancing and looking to pick up clients, they often have an idea that (insert new program here) is best for wireframing and ask that you have a portfolio using that single program. The problem with this is that are are dozens of programs, and new ones coming out quite regularly. So, what’s […]