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I Tested Adobe XD Plugins, Here are the Results!

There have been a few updates to Adobe XD since my previous post where I mentioned the UX UI program. One of the major additions is the inclusion of plugins from third parties, intended to speed the process up and make our lives easier.

I decided to create a faux app for mobile to put each of these to the test. It’s ugly and created on the fly.  With that in mind, let’s begin!


Create beautiful and customizable personas with different layouts and image styles.

This one is okay. Not great. It’s just a layout with arbitrary stat graphics. I did use UI Faces to mix up the photos, though. there were three options for layout styles, and it auto populates based on the number of personas you need. Helpful, if you need a generic layout for your personas on XD.

A layout for your personas.


Search and insert photos from Unsplash.

So simple, I almost didn’t bother. Until I realized I needed a visual for my fake app. Works really well for license free stock photo place holder, although there is a relatively limited selection of photos. This is pretty great!

UI Faces

Generates Avatars for your Mockups.

Super simple and easy to use, with a large database of images for fake users.

In my demo there really isn’t a need for a user image, but I justified it by making the app guilt you for not watering the plants. STOP KILLING THE TREES LUCY.

A few of these plugins at work in this app.


Replaces Lorem Ipsum with real content from a database of UI Copy, images, and more.

This was one I was very excited for, however to get started you need an Airtable Account. They give you one free workspace, but you pay for the rest. After creating your account, copy and paste the API key into XD. Most of the options didn’t have content, and there was nothing with related information for my project. Most of the content is cold marketing information. An interesting idea, but I’ll stick to Wikipedia. Wait, someone make that a plugin!


Browse and Generate Icons from the entire Font Awesome Pro library.

This works well, however you do need a pro account ($60/year) to use it. Don’t forget to add that to your expenses!


Allows you to insert millions of high quality icons, illustrations, and stock photos.

These sort of work, that is the function works. I searched mainly the free database, and although the icons indeed were inserted into my art board, I couldn’t change their color unlike most icon file formats, had I imported it in myself. If you’re working in complete greyscale with light backgrounds (wireframes), it’s helpful. Not as useful for a full color mockup. Also a dud (for now).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for another XD plugin post where I go over a mockup to fully coded app feature and a user testing feature.

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