10 Rules of a Creative Designer

10 Rules of a Creative Designer

What is true creative?

It's the ideas that pop into your brain before it can be edited by outside forces like friends, family, and society. It's your humanity - basic and true, inspired by what the elements around you or in your day dreams. Being a fashion designer is an amazing life path with plenty of energy. People cannot help but want this energy and may try to influence or mimic a designer. You must not let your trained and talented voice to be muted by a good-intended associate. An old friend and very successful designer and business owner once told me that he never looked at the competition, so that his vision was clear and truly his own. This is the purest form of design.

Rules of a Creative Designer...

  1. You only allow a trusted mentor (or in a corporate situation your creative director/art director/ceo) to influence your choice of color, fabric, or concept.
  2. OR a collaborator with your complete consent.
  3. You create unique and inspired concepts and pieces.
  4. You plan for each garment to be well produced.
  5. You are inspired by a variety of styles and designers.
  6. You are mostly inspired by the elements around you or in your dreams.
  7. You charge what you are worth for your time and brain.
  8. You receive credit for your inventions. If not within the community, within the company you work for.
  9. You bring something unique to every project, even the most basic.
  10. Aim to inspire and increase confidence in your client / demographic.


That is not to say collaboration isn't wonderful. It works best when acknowledged before the project begins, along with the details pre-deligated to each contributor.


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